The effect of shoes on body health

انواع کفش

As you all know, foot is the second heart of man. It doesn’t matter if the first or second heart needs care anyway and the heart should be healthy to have a healthy body. Shoes are one of the most important factors affecting the health of the legs, the second heart. Shoes of these days have wide variety .  high heels, pointed heels, dolls with no heels and so on. These are kinds of shoes on the market. But which shoes are best to use, you need to know about the feet as well as the shoes.

In this article we intend to help you and your loved one choose the best type of shoes

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As you know, in traditional medicine, massaging the feet can relieve many pains and diseases, so different parts of the feet can have many effects on the body. So consider buying a shoe that is comfortable and with no strain on your foot before buying shoes. Getting big and loose shoes is also not right. In addition to the type of shoe model, the material of shoe is also important  which be explained in details .

kinds of shoes

High Heels:

High-heeled shoes, which have been banned by doctors for many years, put a lot of pressure on the foot and cause back pain, arthritis and other diseases. Heels higher than 7 cm put too much pressure on the big toe, which can cause many complications, and all high heels run the risk of sprained ankles. High heels in addition to the soles of the foot affect the knee and waist and also cause knee arthritis. The solution to using high heels is to use it for a minimum of time, and also try to choose shoes that their heels are wider than others .

Shoes with narrow heels increase the risk of spraining .

Shoe Material:

The best type of shoe is leather shoes, though it should be properly ventilated. But it’s not just about material that leather shoes have to meet the standards. For example, their heels mentioned above should be two inches high and the soleshould be soft so as not to offend. In general, a set of standards should be considered before buying shoes. Below are some of them .

انواع کفش


  1. It is important to have a lightweight shoes so that the foot can feel comfortable.
  2. The distance between the heel and the toe is not more than 5 inches, so don’t choose a higher heel.
  3. The toe should feel comfortable and not too flexible.
  4. The arch of the foot is very important in back pain so the shoe you buy should not cover the foot.

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