Scrubber or   floor cleaning  Machine is a tool or device used for cleaning and washing floors or surfaces such as stone, ceramics, epoxy, parquet, mosaic and even carpet cleaning.

The MTCO floor cleaning machine is available in both manual and manned models, which are divided into electric and battery-operated models.

Scrubber Usage:

The MTCO manned scrubber is driven by the driver sitting on the chair. Manned scrubber is used for large and industrial environments such as factories, religious places , shops and malls y, hospitals, high traffic public places such as terminals, airports, trains and more.

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How the scrubber works:

The scrubber is composed of  clean and dirty water tanks. Clean water with the detergent is poured onto the brush through the joints beneath the device and begins to clean as the device moves. There is a shield around the brush that prevents the material from splashing around. Dirty water created after the floor is cleaned is collected  by a vacuum engine, which is located behind the machine by a tile or squeegee. It will be dry and ready to use because of  rubber squeegee .

The Squeegee is designed to completely dry the floor at a 45-degree angle. And because of the protection that is fitted to the unit, it passes through obstacles that do not damage the device.

Scrubber Material:

Scrubber body is an antibacterial that is very important for places like hospitals, clinics, laboratories and health centers. The pressure of the brush scrubber and the use of  special detergents will increase the percentage of floor cleaning and hygiene and will be free of any bacteria . With  bacteriometric devices, we can realize the level of floor cleaning .

Electric scrubbers work with cables. That the customer should be careful in choosing the tank, body material, engine and accessories  depending on the area  they want to clean.

Battery type Scrubber:

The manual batery type floor cleaner of the MTCO company is used for places where it is not possible to use a power outlet. The Batteries are made from the best type of battery with a long life and great working efficiency.

The batteries are placed under a manned scrubber seat and in a battery-operated manual model under the device tank  that makes it easy to access, and if there is a problem connecting the batteries or the battery itself, the problem can be easily investigated.

The scrubber charger is an inverter type . Which controls fluctuations through the power supply which will not cause damage to the device’s battery, which will increase the battery life .

Use keys embedded on the  scrubber. Checked for power on and off, automatic brush insertion, and battery charge. In  the manned model there are keys to move the device forward and backward and an alert horn when there is an obstacle to move the device.

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New Generation of Scrubber:

In the new generation of MTCO scrubbers that will be released in the future. Remote monitoring and troubleshooting will be added to the device’s options.

The manned scrubbers will vary in size depending on the clean and dirty water tank  .  Experienced MTCO sales staff will help you make the best choice for your device with the tips they will do.

Benefits of Scrubber MTCO :

One of the benefits of MTCO manned floor cleaning machine is the use of a warning light mounted on the body of the device that will alert the device if it is turned on. The material of  body is polyurethane  that will not change the appearance of the device in the long use  .   And with the cleaning-up of the machine’s appearance, the MTCO’s floor cleaner will still be fresh.

The  wheels are of good diameter, solid and anti-abrasion that will not wear during long-term use.

The MTCO Industrial Group has made effort to adhere ergonomics to scrubbers so that the operator using the device does not suffer any physical damage.

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The clean water tank opening  is located at the back of the scrubber. That makes it easy to fill the machine with detergent and water, and the dirty water tank is accessible  through the hose that is  attached to the back of the machine.

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A feature that is important in all purchases Warranty and after-sales service of the machine. Fortunately, the MTCO Industrial Group is among the best and the resume and customer satisfaction form illustrate this.