Rough brush-soft brush-polish brush

Care and maintenance of scrubber

Scrubber or floor cleaner is a device used for cleaning a variety of industrial, commercial, office, hospital and… environments.

The device works by spraying water on the floor and brushing it off the ground and ultimately removes residual water from the ground using a suction motor to avoid remainig trace of sqeegee . In fact, this machine performs washing and drying operations simultaneously.

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Scrubber machine equipment

The most important components of scrubber

Clean and dirty water tank

Suction motor



Power supply

Control system

Scrubber machines are designed and manufactured in different sizes , but usually have the same equipment and all have the same performance.

Each scrubber has a clean water tank and a dirty water tank. The clean water tank is located inside the machine and above the brush chamber. The water required for surface cleaning is provided through this tank.

The dirty water tank is located behind the machine.

The residual water that is drawn in by the suction motor enters the tank and, after each wash step, the dirty water must be discharged and washed by a hose attached to the machine.

Suction system

The residual water is collected on the surface and transferred to the dirty water tank by the suction unit of the scrubber.

Due to the limited volume of dirty water tank the suction unit is protected by a water sensor to automatically stop the suction operation if the volume of dirty water inside the tank reaches the maximum.

Scrubber  brush types


انواع برس اسکرابر

Scrubber brushes come in two types of disc and cylindrical brushes. Disc brushes are used to wash flat surfaces and roll or cylindrical brushes to clean the rough environment.

Depending on the type of operation and level of use, the brush types are used in the scrubber unit.

Polishing Brush – Soft Brush – Standard Brush – Carpet Brush and Brush Brushes are different types of brushes used in the earthwashing machine which are used for washing according to the conditions of one of its types.

Rough brush-soft brush-polish brush

Rough brushes are used for peeling and scraping surfaces so that the higher the brush roughness, the better the peeling and abrasion operations.

For scrubbing sensitive surfaces, a soft brush is used in the scrubber unit.

Polishing brushes are used to polish surfaces and finishes and are used in different models to polish different surfaces.

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