Shoe Polisher Waxi

واکسی یک دستگاه جدید ، زیبا قدرتمند برای هر سلیقه ای و هرکسی است که به شیک پوشی از تمامی زوایا می نگرد . این دستگاه زیبا با ایجاد تمیزی و درخشش به کفش شما جلوه ای دو چندان می بخشد .


This home-made wax machine is a wax model made of industrial polymer at the bottom and top of a steel sheet. The combination of these two materials in the making of this machine has made it very strong. The polymer at the bottom is designed to protect the device from the possibility of flooding the surface and, of course, electrical protection and to prevent moisture-induced decay.This electric shoe polisher is equipped with two rotating brushes, one for dusting and the other for distributing wax on the surface of the shoe . In the middle of the machine is a colorless liquid wax tank that can be used on any type of shoe and in any color. In addition to shining the surface of the shoe, it softens and extends the life of the shoe. It is a pedal that gives you 45 seconds to use after turning on, and then turns off automatically. For ease of work, an LED lamp illuminates the surface of your shoe . The beautiful design and engineering of the device allow the user to dust and wax in addition to the shoe and even the back of the shoe.

Features :

-Asynchronous 130 watt motor with low power consumption

– It has 2 high quality brushes and anti-abrasion from Perlin

– Has a 40-second timer that automatically turns off after 40 seconds

when the device is powered by the pedal .

-Electrical protection system to prevent engine burning

– Body made of metal and ABS and fixed color gold sticker

-Contains 1.5 m power cable

-With liquid wax tank and use of ball and bowl system in the nozzle in the machine

– Has night vision system and dark places as well as special beauty to the device.

-With unconditional warranty and after-sales service

With long warranty card and after sales service

By buying this machine you will receive a 60 cm full stainless steel shoehorn, special tanzif cloth, special wax fluid, clothes brush as a gift.

Technical specification 

power 130 W
voltage and frequency 220 V / 50 Hz
motor Rpm 950
brush 2 Pes
wax material water base
material Iron with P.P
time of timer for stop 45 S
dimensions 56 * 31 * 33
weight 8.5 Kg
count waxibuttel 1
body color Gold black
Led lamp yes




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