Shoe Polisher ALMAS 4


Almas 4, Electric Shoe polishing Machine , is one of the manufactures of MTCO Industrial Group. It has a beautiful, unique  appearance suitable for large, public and crowded places. The use of CNC laser and punch with German technology has been used in the manufacturing process. The use of 2mm thick steel sheets in the body construction makes the chassis stronger and more durable. The machine is equipped with two motors with four high quality and anti-abrasion  brushes  ,  the use of the best material and brushing method for the brushes make the brushes extremely long lasting and without any brittleness during use. No hair is created. The device is equipped with a self-timer pedal which turn on  the wax machine by foot, after the shoe is finished and the waxing is completed, the wax machine automatically shuts off after 45 seconds and this is very effective on the health and longevity of the shoe .

Other benefits of the almas 4 are:

-Use ball and bowl system in the nozzle in the machine

– The waxing machine device has a handle to balance while waxing.

– Ability to add liquid wax tank

– Ability to add custom lighting system.

– Wax Fluid 130 cc  waxing machine is watery based and has shoe cleaning feature , shiner , static electricity repellent to absorb less dust and soften the shoe.

-One of the benefits of this device are its one year warranty and long-term after-sales service.

The MTCO waxing machine is used in places such as airport entrances, railways, refineries, large industrial plants, hospitals, mosques, universities, major pilgrimage sites, large offices, etc.

Technical specification 

power 260 W
voltage and frequency 220 V / 50 Hz
motor Rpm 950
brush 4 Pes
wax material water base
material Iron
time of timer for stop 45 S
dimensions 100 * 35 * 90
weight 50 Kg
count waxibuttel 1
body color Gold black/ silver black
Led lamp No



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