Industrial waterjet machine

واتر جت

Hot water industrial waterjet machine – cold water industrial waterjet machine

Washing and cleaning surfaces in different environments is an urgent need that is very important.

Washing and cleaning can be done manually or traditionally or using industrial-household cleaning machines.

Washing all types of surfaces in traditional and manual methods has many disadvantages.

Including waste of water – wasting a lot of detergent – too much energy and ultimately an undesirable result.

An industrial water jet machine is designed to solve these problems.

A waterjet is a device used to wash different surfaces.

واتر جت

It works by using a propulsion engine that multiplies the normal water pressure depending on the type of device, eliminating pollutions and cleaning surfaces in the least amount of time.

Benefits of this method over manual methods include increasing speed and quality of washing – reducing energy consumption by the user – reducing water and detergents and thus achieving the desired result.


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The water output of the waterjet device can be cold water or hot water. The industrial water jet, accordingly (output water grade) is divided into two categories: hot water jet device and cold water jet device.

In hot water jets, this device is equipped with a heating system that is responsible for heating water.

In a hot water jet , the energy required to remove  contaminants is increased by increasing the water temperature, which is why they are used in car washes and for car engine washing – industrial kitchens and poultry halls , etc. Hot water improves the speed and quality of operation and disinfects industrial environments and is used as a potent disinfectant and therefore a hot water jet is used for places with high pollution resistance and greasy and sticky contaminants.


واتر جت

Cold water jets consume less energy than hot water jets.

In cold water jets , detergents are used to enhance the quality and to disinfect surfaces.

Most cold water jets are equipped with a pressure regulating valve that is adjusted to different water pressure conditions so that the pressure is proportional to the resistance of the contaminants, thus saving water consumption.

Cold waterjets have two types of diesel and electric, depending on the environment.


In this article, we talked about the waterjet machine.

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