Industrial cleaning equipment

تجهیزات نظافتی صنعتی

Cleaning of different places is very important. Cleaning the industrial environment is impossible due to the presence of oils and oil contamination can not be removed by traditional ways. Cleaning of the restaurants and business centers because of large area is so hard  and without modern and special equipment is almost impossible.

The best solution to these problems is the use of industrial cleaning equipment, which today uses a variety of industrial equipment to make cleaning of different environments especially industrial and commercial environments and restaurants are easier than ever.

Industrial cleaning equipment can be mentioned.


Vacuum Cleaner Industrial

Industrial steamer


Industrial Waterjet


Carpet and rug cleaner

Automatic car wash

Scrubber is a machine used only for cleaning , and it is used for washing and cleaning all types of ceramic surfaces, parquet, proxy, stone, flat concrete, etc.

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Another cleaner equipment used in industrial environments is an industrial vacuum cleaner used to collect industrial pollution.

جاروبرقی صنعتی

Industrial vacuum cleaners have higher suction power than semi-industrial vacuum cleaners and home ones and have different types and dimensions depending on the environment in which they are intended to be used.

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What is an industrial steamer ?

بخارشوی صنعتی

Industrial steam cleaner is another cleaning equipment used for various applications such as car washes, outdoor glass cleaning and building cleaning, car repair shops, industrial plants and more.

The most commonly used industrial steamer is in hotels, hospitals and restaurants, which are used to sterilize and disinfect equipment and supplies in these centers.

What is a sweeper device?

Collecting and sweeping of dry waste in some centers and environments in traditional and simple ways  is difficult

and time consuming due to the large extent they have . The Sweeper is a powerful device used to collect waste and contaminants in large environments.

The Sweeper device has a variety of uses and is most used for cleaning outdoor and crowded environments such as parks and streets.

واتر جت

Industrial waterjet machine

Waterjet is a device used for washing all types of surfaces. With this machine the washing operation is performed with higher speed and quality.

In addition, using an industrial waterjet can save water and detergents.

Click here to learn more about the components of your waterjet.



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