How to operate an electric hand dryer

Hand dryer is a device that is most commonly used in toilets in different places to dry hands.

Nowadays a variety of hand dryers are used in restaurants – universities – hospitals – offices – schools and homes.

One of the most important advantages of using a hand dryer at home is to prevent the transmission of contamination that may occur through the use of a shared towel.

The use of hand dryers in hospitals prevents transmission of diseases. Therefore, the spread of contaminants can be prevented by providing hospitals with hand dryers.


Other uses of hand dryers include its use in restaurants. With the use of an electric hand dryer in your restaurant bathroom you can get customer satisfaction.

In addition, using a dryer in the public environment saves napkins and reduces costs.

In general, one of the most important advantages of using a hand dryer is that it helps your health.

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Hand dryers have a variety of uses depending on the environment.

One of the most popular hand dryers is the wall type, which can be installed anywhere on the wall and used.

The dryers are divided into two categories, manual and automatic, in terms of performance.

Hand dryers are switched on with the push of a button, but automatic dryers start with an electronic eye and hand drying is done automatically.

As mentioned earlier, the use of a dryer in public places and at home has many advantages.

However, the dryer only removes about 40 percent of the hand moisture, while paper towels can eliminate about 90 percent of the hand moisture, which is one of the problems with using this machine. It is, however, this device is used throughout the world as an appliance for public toilets

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How to operate an electric hand dryer

The dryers operate using an electronic eye underneath the machine. As the hands are placed underneath, the machine starts operating and the moisture of the hands is lost by the heat generated by the dryer.


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