Electric shoe polishing machine

Most people in the community use old petroleum waxes and colored paraffin waxes to wax natural or synthetic leather shoes, which can destroy shoes such as resizing, appearance deformation, cracking, discoloration, The shoe disconnects from the bottom.

We introduce a device called the Electric Shoe polishing Machine to our customers and visitors, which has several benefits.

– Save time when you can brush and wax your shoes in 45 seconds.

– shoes can be glossy without the need to use hands, and this is a good benefit because in traditional waxing the hands were contaminated.

– With the shoe polishing machine, you can wax and shine any type of leather shoe in different colors (black, brown,  dark blue, etc.) because the wax liquid in the machine is water based (without paraffin) and It is colorless, and any type of shoe can be waxed.

-Healthy and without any odor emission in the environment and suitable for design inside different places.

MTCO shoe polishing machines are unique in beauty and dont have peers .